Why Shopping Small Makes A Big Difference

Posted on October 13 2020

Why Shopping Small Makes A Big Difference

Dating back to the 1920's, towns throughout the United States were bustling with independently owned small businesses.  Then came the build out of the interstate highway systems in the 1950's. This brought forth the conception of malls and big box retailers and drove traffic there and away from the once thriving downtowns of cities and towns.  In our most recent history the rise of internet shopping has now taken away sales from the malls and big box stores who are struggling to maintain their large footprints across America.  

As you can see everything comes full circle.  We now live in an age where technology affords us many conveniences and luxuries, however it all comes at a price.  This price will be what our future landscape of our cities and neighborhoods look like.  We all have choices of how and where to spend our money so we thought we'd share with you just how impactful your choices are.

Did you know that Small Businesses give back the most of your money directly to your community?

Yes, it's true! The money you spend in a small local business goes right back into your neighborhood, city and state. The Small Business Administration (SBA) reports that 48% of sales go directly back into your community as opposed to only 14% when you shop at chain stores/big box retailers.  This 48% helps pay for things such as education, parks, roads, sidewalks and the likes.  As you can see your money has a lot of power.  

How impactful are Small Businesses on our nations economy?

Since 1995, more than half of all jobs in the U.S. were created by small businesses. And since 1990 big businesses have eliminated over 4 million jobs while small businesses have added over 8 million as reported by the SBA.  This goes to show that the more you spend in your local shops, caffe's, restaurants and salons the more potential of job opportunities increase.

How many jobs are created by small businesses?

Small companies create 1.5 million jobs annually which accounts for a whopping 64% of all new jobs created in the United States.

What are some of the best perks about shopping local?

One of the biggest perks for us and for you is being part of a community. Walking into places where you are recognized and appreciated makes our world a much happier place.  As humans we all crave connectedness and in your neighborhoods this need is easily fulfilled. 

Another perk about shopping local is the beautiful uniqueness that each business offers. From everything to how they brand their business to all of the items they have thoughtfully curated to make your experience more meaningful. 

Service! This is a big one.  Big stores tell you they are all about their customer service but yet how often do you really feel taken care of when you're shopping in the chain stores?  When you shop small not only do the employee's build relationships with you but they genuinely want to help you.  In small business we all understand that our relationship with the consumer is a partnership.  We select the merchandise we believe you'll fall in love with and when you make purchases this allows us to afford the costs of being in business and to keep going.  Without each other it just simply doesn't work.

Giving back to local charities is another perk to supporting small businesses. Most local businesses have a philanthropic heart and therefore donate some of their proceeds to support those less fortunate.

Do many women own small businesses?

Why yes they do! In fact, women own 11.6 million small businesses in the United States which provide 9.4 million jobs and generate over 1.7 trillion dollars in annual sales. Washington is among one of the top states in the nation for having the highest percentage of women owned businesses!

And lastly, a note from your friends at Horseshoe

Horseshoe opened it's doors in a charming, 500 square foot space in Fremont back in June of 2006.  We were blessed to have started a following there before getting the very fortunate opportunity to move to our current location in Ballard at the end of 2008. Moving to Ballard gave us so much more exposure to the public which has allowed us to keep growing year after year.

Through our 14.5 years in business we have been so lucky to have so many clients supporting us week in and week out.  To see so many faces of those who first shopped with us back in 2006 still coming into the shop today fills us with so much joy and gratitude that it's overwhelming. It is truly our honor to serve each of you and be part of the historic neighborhood and community of Ballard.  We are proud to be a women owned, women operated business and in service to women!

We humbly thank you for your ongoing patronage.

xx, The Horseshoe Team






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