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June is here, and that means it's officially wedding season! While it can be daunting to find a dress to wear to a summer wedding (or two, or three), Horseshoe's got you covered. We've pulled some of our favorite looks to suit your wedding needs, plus we have tons of cute accessories to help you complete your look.

If you're going to a... 

Dress: Chaser - Strappy Surplus Mini Dress - $118
Shoes: Ten Points - Frida Sandals - $128
Earrings: Nikki Jacoby - Areto Earrings - $86

Dress: Veronica M. - Ruffle Maxi Dress - $108
Shoes: Urge - Samsara Sandals - $78
Bracelet: Nakamol Wrap Bracelet - $28 - $58

Dress: Bailey 44 - Amped Dress - $178  
Earrings: Molly Debiak - Studs No. 6 in Vermeil - $78
Bracelet: Molly Debiak - Bangle 01 - $148

Whatever kind of wedding you're going to this summer, we hope you love your outfit! Stop by the store to see these (and many more!) great pieces.

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