Stand By Your Brand: Velvet by Graham & Spencer

Posted on June 01 2018

A perennial Horseshoe favorite, Velvet by Graham & Spencer is a brand that every Horseshoe Gal should have in her closet. Creative Directors Jenny Graham and Toni Spencer have developed a line that is consistent in its execution and quality and timeless in its designs. Not only does Velvet make the best basics (cute tees and tanks, lightweight summer dresses), but year after year Graham and Spencer continually design stunning sweaters, dramatic and elegant coats, gorgeous dresses, and beautiful blouses. The pieces that Velvet by Graham & Spencer creates are the ones that you'll always have in your closet and that you'll come back to year after year because they make you feel amazing!


Velvet by Graham & Spencer Creative Directors Jenny Graham and Toni Spencer. Photo Credit:

 Velvet has been in business since 1997. In an interview with blogger Jenna Isaacman, designer and founder Jenny Graham describes where the idea for her brand's name came from: "When you hear the word 'velvet', you instantly think of soft, smooth, comfortable luxury. Velvet has always been about the luxurious fabrications and irresistible handle which remains their signature and claim to fame." We definitely agree!

Lily Aldridge on a photo shoot for Velvet. Photo Credit:

What started as a collection of high end basics has evolved into a powerhouse brand that includes several boutiques, men's fashions, denim, and design collaborations with supermodels Kristy Humes and Lily Aldridge. Velvet still remains true to its roots and continues deliver a line of super-soft, luxurious tees manufactured in the U.S.A. Chatting with True Fit about creating their tees, Toni says that, "[w]e’re obsessed with the perfect tee. We always have a number of our cult classics in every collection. The perfect fit is kind of indescribable, it’s made up of a bunch of different elements: a great silhouette, arm length, body length and the best cotton with a slight texture." 

A classic, perfectly executed Velvet basic. Molinda Linen Knit Tank by Velvet by Graham & Spencer. Photo Credit:

Velvet also regularly partners with different organizations and charities, so when you buy something from Velvet, you know that they're giving back to a good cause! 

We'll always have a soft spot in our hearts for this brand - its beautifully crafted and sophisticated staples perfectly capture the Horseshoe Gal aesthetic. Drop by and see what we have in from Velvet by Graham & Spencer!

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