Stand By Your Brand: Mother Denim

Posted on July 12 2017

It's no secret around here that we LOVE Mother jeans - every Horseshoe Gal owns multiple pairs! Mother consistently impresses us with its fit and innovative washes. (They also make cute tees and sweatshirts!) We can definitively say that they are our all time favorite jeans, and we're picky customers!

 Founded in 2010 by co-designers Tim Kaeding and Lela Becker, this L.A. - based brand is always on trend but never fussy or uptight. As Kaeding says, Mother "stands for having fun, and not taking yourself too seriously." 

A snapshot of some of our favorite looks from Mother. 

(All photos from

Mother Denim is a brand with a clear aesthetic and point of view; it's playful, has a bit of a 1970s throwback vibe, and is just the right amount of cheeky. We'll be getting shipments of Mother jeans throughout the summer - shop Mother Denim online or pick up a pair in store. We're sure you'll love your new pair of Mothers just as much as we love ours!

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