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Posted on May 22 2020


Maelu is an ethical women’s apparel line designed by Meghna Davé in her studio and handmade using traditional artisan techniques such as block printing, hand weaving and screen printing. Their focus is on sustainable textiles made with natural fibers and vegetable dyes. Each piece is a literal piece of art.


Maelu embodies love, awareness, individuality and adventure. We have relationships with artisan families that have been block printing for generations.

--Meghna Davé  Founder & Designer


Maelu clothing is centered on sustainable textiles, made with natural fibers & vegetable dyes. Their kimonos, scarves and kaftans are handmade and block-printed by artisans in India. The hand-crafted nature makes each piece truly one of a kind. 

While backpacking through India, Designer Meghna Davé fell in love with the unique prints and traditional methods of natural dying found around the country.



The printing process is intricate. Teakwood blocks are carved with unique patterns & then applied with natural dyes, before being stamped on cotton or silk. Each color and design requires a different block. Our natural dyes are made with a variety of materials including jaggery, pomegranate skins, alum and indigo bush. After being stamped, the finished fabric is laid out in the village field to sun dry. The fabric is then steamed, washed and ironed to permanently fix the dye.

They directly support artisan families in India that help bring our designs to life.  A portion of all profits are donated directly to, a foundation supporting the advancement of women's human rights around the world. 

They believe it's 100% possible to look good, feel good and do good.

Shop Maelu's Summer Collection here

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