Posted on November 17 2016

                                                                                    This simple necklace really makes an otherwise basic ensemble come to life. Sometimes Thanksgiving
                                                                                    Dinner calls for nothing more than showing up & catching up with your near and dear and for that
                                                                                    occasion (which usually involves a decent amount of couch sitting) we came up with a laid back style
                                                                                    you can kick your feet up in. Put on some lip gloss and keep things cozy with this look.  
Mother Denim $188
Emilime Gloves $48
Emilime Beanie $48
Kris Nations Harmony Collar $50
                                                                                    THIS JACKET!! You can keep everything else as simple as simple can be, throw this incredibly gorgeous
                                                                                    jacket over it and YOUR DONE! We wanted to show ya how to spice things up a bit though so we went
                                                                                    with a creamy silk top for underneath and paired it all with slouchy boyfriend jeans in a rustic wash.
                                                                                    We know it's not always practical to walk around the house in heels all evening so we chose a flat
                                                                                    boot- but feel free to choose whatever footwear you'd like, just be sure to keep it neutral and let
                                                                                    the jacket shine! 
 Chaser Velvet Cadet Jacket $148
Heather Silk Drape Back Top $108
Mother Denim $188
Kork Ease Velma Boot $190
                                                                                    This is our dressier version of the "Cool & Casual" look for Thanksgiving and as you can see it's still
                                                                                    pretty simple. We started with this gorgeous cashmere sweater and went from there; choosing a
                                                                                    relaxed jean, a basic black bootie and a faux shearling vest. If you ever want to step an outfit up a
                                                                                    notch while still keeping a casual feel, add a vest. In any style and in any fabric, putting a vest over
                                                                                    your top adds some dimension to your look and gives off a put together vibe. Long story short- it
                                                                                    shows you tried!   
Level 99 Morgan Cuffed Denim $118

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