Horseshoe Spotlight: Pantone Colors

What are the Pantone colors for fall, and how are the Pantone colors determined each season?

Many of you probably have no idea what we're talking about. For those of you as yet unfamiliar with what Pantone is and with the idea of Pantone colors, allow us to introduce to you the Pantone Color Institute (yes, there really is a "color institute"). The Pantone Color Institute helps companies and brands develop marketing strategies and shape brand identities through color. But how does this relate to fashion and to Horseshoe?

Well, every season the folks at the Color Institute analyze the different colors featured in designs from the collections shown at Fashion Week. Based upon this analysis, the Color Institute (which identifies itself as the "global color authority") assembles a list of the 10 most popular colors in men's and women's fashion for each season called the "PANTONE Fashion Color Report". They also assign names to these different colors - some of the popular colors for fall include "Ballet Slipper" (a shade of light pink), and "Golden Lime" (a warm shade of olive green). 


The colors from the Fall 2017 PANTONE Fashion Color Report
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 Brands that Horseshoe carries interpret the trends featured in designers' collections and use the colors shown in the PANTONE Fashion Color Report to create their own collections each season. It's in large part because of the PANTONE Fashion Color Report that there's cohesion between different brands' collections. 

Two displays at the Magic fashion tradeshow in Las Vegas, highlighting some of the Pantone Fall 2017 colors.

Take a look at the different ways designers are incorporating these colors into their fall collections: 

Left: A color swatch of Grenadine
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Right: A look from Victoria Beckham's Fall 2017 collection
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Left: A color swatch of Ballet Slipper Pink
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Right: A look from Y Project's Fall 2017 collection
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Right: A color swatch of Shaded Spruce
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Left: An image from Céline's Fall 2017 collection
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Stay tuned to see how designers are incorporating the 2017 Fall Pantone colors into their collections this season! 


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