Horseshoe How-To: Caring for Your Jewelry

Posted on March 15 2018

All of us at Horseshoe LOVE jewelry - from delicate fine jewelry to big chunky brass statement pieces, we are obsessed with it all!  We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to work with so many amazing jewelers and to carry such a great range of pieces and styles. But even those of us who work with jewelry on a daily basis sometimes find ourselves with quite a few pieces that need repair or just a little TLC (I'm not the only one with several broken necklaces and a bunch of silver jewelry that I need to polish, right??). Given this, we thought we'd share some tips on caring for your jewelry to help ensure that it lasts you for years to come!

Horseshoe jeweler Molly Debiak's Studs 10 in 14K gold vermeil with white topaz. @MollyDebiak

The most commonly given piece of advice on taking care of your jewelry? Avoid wearing jewelry when using cleaners, washing your hands, swimming in a pool, applying lotion, showering, or doing anything else that would cause your jewelry to come into contact with water and/or chemicals. There are several reasons for this - the chemicals in products can cause your jewelry to tarnish and change colors. These chemicals, as well as exposure to water, can damage the color of gem stones (opals, pearls, and turquoise are especially prone to discoloration and fading). If you're wearing gold vermeil jewelry, you want to be especially conscious of this, as water and chemicals will contribute to the vermeil thinning over time. 

The Evolve Mermaid Ring in 14K gold with opal and aquamarine by Horseshoe designer Misa. @misajewelry

If your jewelry is tarnishing and you're not a fan of the patina it's developed, you can use a polishing cloth to bring back its shine. Check your polishing cloth's label to make sure it can safely be used on vermeil jewelry. You can also use a soft toothbrush and a little dish soap to clean your jewelry as well. Remember that abrasive textures may scratch or otherwise harm your jewelry! Do NOT use a polishing cloth on plated metal. Betsy and Iya recommend using a non abrasive cloth and some Windex to clean your plated jewelry so you don't accidentally remove the plating ( 

Horseshoe jewelry line Betsy & Iya's Yoso Necklace. @betsyandiya

Avoid storing your jewelry in the bathroom (remember that moisture can cause tarnish). Instead, it's recommended that you store your jewelry in a jewelry box and/or in individual bags (Ziploc baggies work well) to avoid tarnish and scratches. 

We hope these tips were helpful! Remember, it's always wise to consult the jeweler who made your pieces for questions on their care. 

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