Horseshoe Gives: Mary's Place

We are thrilled to have partnered with Mary's Place this quarter for Horseshoe Gives. With your support, we will be donating over $1000.00 to Mary's Place by the end of this month!

For those unfamiliar with Mary's Place, it's an amazing organization that supports women, children and families by providing shelter and resources to those in need. We are so appreciative of the incredible work that it does in our community! Learn more about Mary's Place at, and follow them on Instagram @marysplacewa.

A huge thank you to all of our customers, and to everyone who came to our trunk show for local jewelers Molly Debiak and Nikki Jacoby in February - we raised $500.00 for Mary's Place from that event alone! Also, thanks to artists Nikki and Molly, and to Brett from gourmet pop-up cookie shop Salt and Other Vices for participating in our trunk show! Follow them on Instagram: 

Molly Debiak: @mollydebiak

Nikki Jacoby: @nikki.jacoby

Salt and Other Vices: @saltandothervices 


From left to right: Nikki Jacoby's Organa Earrings; two of Molly Debiak's bracelets; a delicious cookie from Salt and Other Vices.

Photo credits, from left to right:;;


Stay tuned for an update about the next organization we'll be supporting through Horseshoe Gives! 

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