The holiday's truly seem to fly by at warp speed don't they? You

                                            just barely get your house decorated, cookies baked and RSVP's

                                            out; then BOOM- it's the weekend before Christmas! Well

                                            unfortunately we can't help time stop but we can help you pull

                                            together your festive holiday outfit with minimal breakdowns.

                                            Below we styled 3 different looks for some of the functions that

                                            lie before us in the coming weeks. Hopefully it will help you

                                            ease into a night of mingling so you can focus on tasting

                                            hors d'oeuvers and sipping champagne instead of worrying if

                                            you're dressed appropriately or most importantly, comfortably.  





For the Casual Work Party

                                                                                     This look could even go from work to a festive Happy Hour if need be. Just throw on a cute pair of

                                                                                     high-waist denim and swap your everyday cardigan for one with a little festive undertone. We chose

                                                                                     a velvet shrug by Weston and a pair of grey distressed jeans by Mother.  

  Bailey 44 Boy is Mine Top

Mother High Waist Looker

Weston Wilma Bolero





 Classic Holiday Soiree 

                                                                                     This is where you want to go as festive as possible! There's really just 1 or 2 times a season you get to

                                                                                     dress with glitz & glam so you may as well live it up a little. Even if it's a bit out of your comfort zone,

                                                                                     think about how much you're adding to he party by dressing the festive part. This skirt by Pink Martini

                                                                                     is the perfect holiday addition to your wardrobe and will be in style until the end of time. Here, we

                                                                                     dimmed it down a bit with a denim jacket & cream top but please feel free to give it the justice it

                                                                                     deserves and go with a classic black fitted top and pumps!

 Pink Martini Gold Rush Skirt 

Level 99 Denim Jacket 







 Festive Dinner With Friends

                                                                                     This is where you can have a little fun with your style. This sleek black dress is gorgeously sexy, but

                                                                                     it is winter & it's pretty dang cold here in the PNW. We decided we'd refrain from our initial thought

                                                                                      of putting a long cardigan over it and went with a chunky pullover instead. 

 Love Stitch Toma Dress 

Love Stitch Pica Sweater

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