Brand Spotlight: Caddis Eye Appliances

Brand Spotlight: Caddis Eye Appliances

Introducing Caddis – The Anti Anti-Aging Readers

Some unimaginative, age-fearing designers who say that reading glasses can’t be fashionable obviously don’t have the inspired vision that the folks at Caddis have. The group of friends behind Caddis have made it their mission to spread the word that aging is awesome and to create frames that are fun, unique, and vibrant - just like us.
These readers have been a lively accessory addition to Horseshoe, adding an extra pop to the outfits we put together. Foster Grant? Who’s that?

Get to know our top 4 favorite styles:

#1 - Miklos

#1) Miklos – Our best seller for a reason.  A square frame that’s ideal for all face shapes. People with larger faces like the thickness and solid feel of Miklos. Smaller faces like wearing a frame that stands out.

person wearing reading glasses

#2 - hooper reading glasses

#2) Hooper – Oh, hello 70’s!  The Hooper is a lightweight gold frame featuring a lens with a slight yellow tint that’ll have you feeling like rock n’ roll style icon.

person wearing hooper reading glasses

#3 bixby reading glasses

#3 Bixby – It’s like if the Miklos was smooshed into more of a rectangle. Looks good on all faces, looks extra good on small faces. 

#4 navin reading glasses

photo of navin reading glasses

#4) Navin - With its smaller rectangle frame and metal-lined lower half, I think it's fair to say the Navin is giving us sexy scientist vibes. 

photo of person wearing navin reading glasses

blue light special

All Caddis readers also have frequency lenses that block 45% of harmful blue light emitted from screens. You know, what we live behind now. Their specific lenses have been scientifically proven to increase melatonin levels by 96%, improve cognition by 47% and reduce awakening during sleep. What in the world can these glasses not do?

Which is your favorite? 

All these styles and more available at Horseshoe! 

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