8 Winter Looks To Get The Horseshoe Gal Through The Holidays

Posted on December 17 2015

8 Winter Looks To Get The Horseshoe Gal Through The Holidays
                                                                                    So, the weather outside is frightful... but all you want to do is look delightful? We feel ya, Horseshoe 
                                                                                    Gal! It's not an easy feat to stay warm and  look fresh. Especially when you have a miiiiiiillion other
                                                                                    festive things to do! Well, continue making your fun holiday shopping list and checking it twice,
                                                                                    because we've done all the wardrobe planning for ya! Take some inspiration from the Horseshoe
                                                                                    approved looks below! 
                                                                                    TIP 1: Want to nail Cozy-Chic? It's super easy, all you need is plaid, plaid... and more plaid. OK, we know
                                                                                    you can hit a plaid limit, but in true Horseshoe Gal fashion, it doesn't happen very often. Truth be told,
                                                                                    a flannel is classic, comfortable AND warm so this time of year it's a total no brain-er for us. 
                                                                                     SHOP OUR TOPS
                                                                                     TIP 2: Creamy White/Winter White. It can come in the form of fur, it can come in the form of a chunky
                                                                                     knit. All we know is that this Must-Have hue is striking and extremely classy for this time of year. You
                                                                                     don't necessarily need to wear it in a solid either, find a beautiful Fair Isle sweater with some cream
                                                                                     tones through the pattern. How ever you spin it, you're sure to look gorgeous and graceful in the seasons
                                                                                     Winter White. 
                                                                                    SHOP OUR SWEATERS
                                                                                     TIP 3: A little sequins and a little shine. We're loving the sequin jacket this year. Dressing it down is
                                                                                     SO cute- we can hardly stand it-- but keeping it simple & putting it over your current black pantsuit
                                                                                     is also done & done! Cute mini's with a little glimmer to them are super darling too. If both of these
                                                                                     options seem a little "out there" for ya, stay basic and get an embellished cami to wear under a blazer.
                                                                                     Still super festive!
                                                                                      SHOP OUR SHIMMER

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