Posted on August 13 2015


                                                                          There's nothing we can do about it, Summer is eventually going to come to an end. We're still in the thick of it

                                                                          though, so just because the nights are getting a teeny bit shorter & a teeny bit cooler, it doesn't we're not still

                                                                          grabbing our friends and heading to the lake. We still have time for that weekend camping trip! We just gotta

                                                                          snag up a layering piece or two so we have something to cozy up with! 


                                                                           We love this light-weight flannel because well, it's light-weight and because it still exudes the brightness of Summer

                                                                           that we love so much. This one has an amazing gauze-like fabric, which means it's super easy to tie around

                                                                           your waist until you actually want to put it over your shoulders. This Bella Dahl tank has just the right amount of flow 

                                                                           to it too. This is a 'step up' from a normal fitted tank and will make your outfit look that much more put together when

                                                                           you're wearing it on it's own.


Bella Dahl Scoop Neck Tank

Velvet Ama Top

Genetic Denim Jacqueline Shorts

TOMS Sandals Huaraches

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