To us Summer nights are all about feeling relaxed and free. You can usually find us on the beach watching the sun set through a crackling bonfire or on a 

                    patio with a spirit in hand, chatting and laughing with our nearest and dearest. Either way, we're keeping it real, from our attitudes to our outfits. In our eyes 

                    grabbing a loose fitting sweater to pull over whatever tank you wore in the heat of the day can be the easiest yet  chicest piece you've put on all week. Laid    

                    back yet  luxurious looks usually come from minimal pieces. Let some dainty accessories balance out your over sized sunglasses and then you'll have time 

                    to focus on more important things, like your conversations and your tan lines...! 


              ROXY Mellie Sweater 

              GRAYLING Turquoise Necklace 

              BETSY & IYA Ring

              MOLLY DEBIAK Small Rings

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