Posted on July 08 2015


Sunny days in Seattle have some of us feeling a little frazzled lately. It's hot, it's sticky and due to the only 4 or 5 weeks out of the year we get it, you're not going to find many air conditioned rooms along your way. It's no big thing to us though since we've been dialed into the art of "keeping it cool" for a couple Summers now. And if we've learned anything from this PNW heat wave, it's a light weight dress, sandals and sunglasses are the EASIEST & CHICEST way to step out of the house and not feel/look like a melting pot of lipgloss. A light weight clutch or crossbody will do ya wonders too. Anything you can do to stear clear from heavy leather on your shoulder the better. We promise-



Look 1: 
Leopard Print Mighty Clutch $128
Look 2: 
Cut N Paste Crossbody $98




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