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to hear Gingers take on Coachella


Horseshoe:  Coachella has been going on since 1999, skipping over only 2000- How many times have you been? 

Gyngersnap: This will be my 5th year in a row! My first time was in 2011 and I've been every year since. Actually, in 2013, I went both weekends (I don't recommend this), so this is technically my 6th Coachella. 


Horseshoe: Do you have a favorite Coachella performance of all time?

Gyngersnap: My favorite Coachella performance of all time was Arcade Fire in 2011. It was my first year there so I was already mesmerized by the wonder of Coachella. It was a beautiful night, I had a cute boy to dance with, I was with amazing friends and then Arcade Fire let out all these huge glowing beach balls into the crowd! The balls were bouncing on the sea of people and they changed colors to the rhythm of the music and it was just MAGICAL. Truly magical. 


Horseshoe: Who are you looking forward to seeing most this year?

Gyngersnap: This year I am really excited to see FKA Twigs because, to me, her sound is so sexy and other worldly. I can't want to hear it live. 


Horseshoe: Are there a gajillion model types and celebrities "walking the red carpet" there, so to speak? In other words, can it be a little daunting or is it super fun to people watch?

Gyngersnap: There are sooooo many beautiful people and celebrities there. Sometimes it feels a little intimidating, but most of the time I just like to stare at everyone. Last year I saw Beyonce and Jay-Z! Like up close and personal! And stood directly next to Jared Leto. Talk about being star struck! 


Horseshoe: What's your packing preparation like?

Gyngersnap: Normally I'm a very last minute packer, but for Coachella I pack in advance! I usually have my friend Julia come over a few days before I leave. We drink wine, listen to music, I try on a bunch of outfits and she helps me decide which ones to take. It's really helpful to have her honest opinion and it's way more fun than packing alone! 


Horseshoe: Do you grab pieces for day & night because of after parties or whatnot?

Gyngersnap: Honestly, just doing the Coachella thing all day is pretty exhausting! So, I usually skip the after-parties. My after-party consists of hanging out with my friends at our tent, having a midnight snack and then resting up for the next day. But I always throw a little something in my suitcase, just in case I end up at an awesome party! 


Horseshoe: What would you say is your favorite part of the entire festival and/or the reason you love to go is?

Gyngersnap: A few of my favorite things are wearing cute clothes, basking in the sun, people watching, day drinking, listening to great music, flowers in my hair, friends, food, art. And I can get them all in one place at Coachella! 


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