We're wrapping a scarf over this darling chambray frock.  This way you get a little warmth along with the purposeful
 style that layering creates. Slide on these cute birkenstock inspired sandals by Kork Ease and your Sunday "picnic in the park"
 attire is perfected. 


 For this effortless + cool look, we stayed with similar colors for each piece. This way you can maintain your
 vision for the outfit easily. We added a cute wedge to throw off the somewhat tomboyish look and to give it some
 sex appeal. 
This tank dress can definitely stand alone but not until the temps start veering away from Winter! For now, we
thought layering it up would keep your style current and your body toasty warm. Switch to a bootie if it's too cold
for a wedge, either way you will be just as cute! 
This outfit could not get any easier to put together. Let us tell you- a maxi dress in an alluring print can take
you places. A comfortable yet stylish pair of gladiator sandals provides the ease you are looking for. Changing it up a little with a black denim jacket is really the hardest part- other than that-
you're good to go!  
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