First thing on our 'Surrendering to Fall' shopping list: The Transitional Jacket

September traditionally marks the transition between Summer & Fall. The sun sets a little earlier each day and our casual evening strolls, while still pleasant, have a tinge of crisp breeze in the air. Although it seems we were just in the height of Summer, It's time to give a long kiss goodbye by layering up and getting ready for the beautiful Autumn season. 
We are always sad to see the Summer end, but thoughts of wonderfully colored Fall leaves, roasting the lovely veggies Fall brings, and of course Fall shopping, all stand as a sweet little lights at the end of the tunnel. 
First thing on our surrendering to Fall shopping list: The Transitional Jacket
Pink Martini Fly By Night Jacket
 Prairie Underground L/S Body Armor 
Raw Earth Wild Sky Brummel Moto Jacket $238
There's more where that came from!
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