A Pinner's Dream: 4 of Horseshoe's Favorite Boards

With the countless hours of pinning we have under our belts, we've come to one conclusion: We cannot pass up strategically curated Pin Board!

We decided to scour through the world of Pinterest in order to give you a glimpse at what our favorites look like. Do y'all have some boards you absolutely love or have you put together a pretty awesome one? If so, send 'em on over, we'd LOVE to see! 


Date Night
Pinner Ashley Olsen's Date Night Board is so cute! 
Popping corn and stuffing blankets in

the back of your car has first love nostalgia written all over it.

s.t.y.l.e pinned by Katianna Bear looks like 
it could be created by a Horseshoe Gal herself. If 

 your lookin' for some girl next door style, this is the place.


Interior Design
If expert pinner Kelly Guise's home is even a smidgen
of what her Interior Design board looks like, we insist

on an invitation!

Who's a pinner without her accessory pins?! 
Michelle Moore has perfectly curated her 

Bits and Baubles board. Go ahead, we dare you not to re-pin.


If you like to pin and you like Horseshoe, be sure to log on to Pinterest and follow some of the Horseshoe Boutique boards!

We'd like to think we do a pretty good job curating ourselves!


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