Stand By Your Brand: Grayling Jewelry

Meet Portland artist, Katy Kippen of Grayling Jewelry. As early as grade school, Katy had already begun building her skills in design through watching and learning from her Grandfather who was a lapidary. At the age of 16 Katy received formal training in the art of lost wax casting, enameling and mold making.  Identifying her entrepreneurial skills she began selling her jewelry from her high school locker. The rest is history...

The name, Grayling is a nod to a curiously beautiful and delicate fish. The Grayling species is known for its large, wildly colorful dorsal fins and has almost completely disappeared outside of Alaska.

Katy drummed up some show stopper pieces for the Spring season. She created unique chain mix and matches with shades of olive, gold, white and gunmetal and added some pops of turquoise to liven our mood. Take a look at some of our favorite pieces from her latest collection.


Arabesque Necklace $178

Menara Bracelet $88
Night Rider Earrings $48
Asteria Necklace $138
Oasis Earrings $68
Orbit Earrings $68

Souk Necklace $108
Raptor Necklace $78
Curvette Earrings $48

Biscayne Earrings $48

Intersect Necklace $128
Pendulum Earrings $68
Arc Necklace $98
Curvette Necklaces $48
Striped Viper Bracelet $98


Serpentine Necklace $118


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