Horseshoe's Guide To Wedding Season: From Day to Night

Posted on May 16 2014

Afternoon Wedding
Opt for something with a fresh, celebratory feeling. 
This dress by Coconinno has the perfect floral print and when paired with a heeled gladiator sandal, morphs into a super stylish get up!
Late Afternoon or
Early Evening Wedding
Look for a dress with an effortless design and a sleek fit. 
This long shift by THML gives you a sophisticated style, perfect for when the sun goes down; while the stripes keep it appropriate for the late afternoon.  
THML Skipper Dress $78
Evening Wedding
Choosing a dress that hits a little above or below your knee will keep your look classy and refined. 
For those of you with invites stating "semi-formal", Fraiche by J's Chiquitita dress perfects elegant cocktail attire. You'll want to stay away from anything too short, at the risk of showing up in "club wear." 

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