Preserve by Blake Lively & Co.

Posted on July 27 2014


A space to set your aspirations soaring? or a laughable "hipster" attempt at promoting "a millionaire's homemade lifestyle?"

There's been quite a backlash out there about the new  website "Preserve" by Blake Lively & Co. We most likely wouldn't have even known it existed if it weren't for coming across a slew of rough reviews from the publications we frequent. For example-  "Preserve's terrible performance of authenticity reeks of its editor's youth and wealth" -The Guardian. Curious too see what all the fuss was about we decided to venture over to take a gander at the beautifully curated pages we were seeing snippets of so we had the chance to make up our own minds. We found an editors note, some super yummy looking pickles and an opinion that there's another young woman's creative outlet in the blogosphere.  

Have you been by?

Do you like it?

Do you care?

We'd love to discuss!

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