Styled At Home

There’s nothing we love more than outfitting you!  We know shopping online just doesn’t translate the same as having an in store fitting room experience and this is why we’re beyond thrilled to bring the dressing room to you.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Complete our questionnaire below.
  2. After we have your information, we will begin selecting items we think you’ll love.
  3. Your Styled at Home shopping bag will be delivered to your doorstep within a few days!
  4. Take 5 days to try everything on, and then return whatever doesn't work.
  5. For a limited time, keep 3 or more items and we’ll extend a 20% discount on all pieces you keep!

Payment and Conditions:

A $20 styling fee will be charged as part of this service. We will send an invoice for this styling fee before we proceed with selecting your Styled At Home items. This amount will be applied to the purchase of any items that you decide to keep.

We will send a second invoice and collect payment for the full cost of goods in your Styled At Home package before they are delivered. All items returned are eligible for a full refund.

Your Styled At Home package will be shipped to you. You will have five days from the date that your items are delivered to try them on and return any items you don't want to keep. You are also welcome to schedule a curbside pick up at our store, if preferred.

While items may be exchanged for a different size, additional items cannot be added to your Styled At Home package after it has been delivered to you.

We want to find items that you'll love! The budget that you choose is meant to reflect what you'd ultimately like to spend on the items you keep, and not the items we initially choose to send for you to try on. If you would like to specify a budget for the items we choose initially, please make a note for us at the end of this questionnaire.