About Horseshoe

Horseshoe Boutique strives to discover the true spirit of femininity in
each woman that passes through the store.

As a young girl, growing up in the concrete meadows of Denver, Jill Andersen played “store” while the other girls played “house.” At age 12, the moment she was old enough to work, Jill got a job so she could buy her beloved designer clothes and accessories. From a very young age, style, fabric and fit mattered.

Decades later, not a lot has changed. While Jill eventually traded the “meadows” of Denver for Seattle’s greener pastures, her boutique named for good luck and inspired by her Wild West roots gives her an opportunity to continue “playing store” and living her dream.

Jill’s ancestors trail-blazed the West and their fearless determination and sense of adventure spurred Horseshoe’s Farmer Americana theme. Vintage windows, wagon wheels, barn doors, pitch- forks and Jill’s very own horseshoe collection, are on display throughout the boutique.

“I’ve always been a city girl,” admits Jill. “I have no life experience on a farm or roughing it, but my soul has definitely been there.”

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Meet our Team


Owner & Buyer
Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Jill had known at an early age that she wanted to have her own business, women’s apparel was the likeliest of all choices.  At age 11 she had her first experience of attending a footwear trade show and was given the high honor of making some selections to be sold in a shoe store in the small mountain town she lived in at the time. Needless to say, she was hooked! The minute she was old enough to work she applied for a sales job in a women’s clothing store and has never looked back.  With fifteen years of retail sales & management know-how under her belt she took a leap of faith and set out to open her own shop some twelve years ago.  Her role has gone from being one of two employees, to empowering a team of talented women to manage and operate a business.  In her spare time, you’re likely to find her in her studio making jewelry or taking a stab at learning a new craft.

Who is your personal style icon and why?
My personal style icon, or at least one of them, is Diane Von Furstenberg.  For one she reigned during my favorite era, the 1970’s and secondly, she undecidedly created the most flattering silhouette for every woman’s body, the classic wrap dress.  Her style is everything I admire, classic, sophisticated, sexy and confident.

What’s one article of clothing or jewelry that if you no longer possessed you’d wish you could get back?
Well it turns out I did lose a favorite pair of earrings.  I had been a jeweler for a few years when one day I was looking through a photo album of me in my early twenties and I noticed I was wearing these big gold earrings.  I had a flashback to how much I loved these earrings and how at the time they were my signature look.  Inspired by this realization, I walked over to my jewelry bench and started creating a pair of big, bold earrings.  At the time, I did not realize this would be the catalyst to designing an entire line that has since become my signature collection.


Store Manager
Hometown: Sonoma, California

Polly joined our team as a full-time client specialist and quickly worked her way to managing the whole store.  You could say she is a go-getter! We find her positive attitude, melodic laughter and productive nature to be extremely contagious. In other words, if you want to have fun while you work hard make sure Polly’s on the schedule. Something you may or may not know about her is that she is a world traveler. In her spare time, she likes to search airplane flight deals which has led to some epic vacations, most recently a trip to Hong Kong.

What is your favorite brand Horseshoe carries and why?
My favorite brand that we carry at Horseshoe is Mother. I am OBSESSED with their denim. Before I started working here, it was hard for me to find a pair of jeans that fit and worked for my body, then I tried on a pair of High Waisted Looker jeans and my denim collection hasn’t looked the same since.

What is your most memorable customer interaction, and what made it stick in your mind?
One of my most favorite customer interactions was helping a woman who was visiting. We talked about everything from what she does, to what she was doing in town. We really connected and even gave each other life advice. I am always so happy when she visits because it feels like we are old friends and can talk about everything!


Hometown: Waterford, Michigan

Rachel was the fifth employee at Horseshoe dating back to the original store location in Fremont, so you can say she’s experienced a lot here. She has helped tackle many growing pains of this business with her calm demeanor and retail know-how. Most of you who have shopped with us for years will certainly know the kindness and helpful nature of this lovely human.  In 2010, Rachel started assisting Jill on buying trips and the two have found harmony in curating each seasons offerings.  When Rachel’s not helping out at the shop you’ll find her being super-Mom to Stella and Nash.

Who is your personal style icon and why?
My personal style icon is Sarah Jessica Parker. I love her point of view. She makes urban fashion so fun and relatable for me.

What piece from your closet do you put on when you want to feel confident, courageous, babely, etc.? What about it helps you achieve that feeling?
I have a rocking Guess denim jumpsuit that my BFF talked me into getting. I thought it was way too provocative for the hippy in me. Haha- turns out, it exemplifies each of those descriptive words and am grateful for that.


Floor Supervisor
Hometown: Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Sara serendipitously came to work with us solely by an act of divine intervention and we couldn’t be more grateful to have her! Truly one of the most stylish persons to ever walk through our doors, she uses her innate fashion sense to help each customer find the most complimentary looks. When she’s not using her clever wit to make us all laugh, you’ll find her crafting artisanal cocktails in a local bar and refurbishing vintage furniture to resell.

What is your favorite fashion in a movie and why?
My favorite fashion moment in a movie is Sandy in Grease. The final scene when she is in the leather pants and crop top with the red lip and the hair is just so iconic. This goesback to the idea of playing with hard and soft looks in fashion.  In the movie, she starts out very put together, feminine and girly then transforms into this awesome and confident vixen by the end of it. Always a favorite!

What fashion trend are you most into right now?
The fashion trend I am most into right now is the 70’s babe vibe that’s going on. I have so many cool vintage pieces that my Mom has given me over the years and I’m so excited that I get to wear them all!

Kelly Rae

Client Specialist
Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Kelly Rae, a long-time Horseshoe customer, was hired for a seasonal holiday sales position some six years ago and she never left! How lucky are we? If you are a regular shopper here then you certainly have had the privilege of meeting her. She has tremendous skills in helping each person find just exactly what they didn’t know they needed. What you may not know about her is that she is an accomplished abstract painter and the Mother of one darling daughter, Quinn.

Who is your personal style icon and why?
My personal style icon is my fellow co-worker, Rachel. She’s got fashionable, comfortable Mom down!

What are some of your favorite brands that Horseshoe sells and why?
I always love designs from Bel Kazan. Their unique fabric designs, natural fibers and flowy jackets are always beautiful.  My other favorite brand would be Prairie Underground.  I purchase items from their collections every season and I appreciate that their products are designed and made in Seattle.


Client Specialist
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Emma, one of the oldest souls we’ve met to date by far. Simply strike up a conversation with this interesting human and you’ll want to talk for days! Emma first charmed us during her interview process when we learned that she headed on a European vacation with no plans and only her bike and a backpack full of necessities to get her by. Something she may not tell you, because she’s humble, is that she is a talented pianist and composer.

Who is your personal style icon and why?
I have more than one style icon so here it goes: Jane Birkin, Cher, Jeanne Damas, Georgia O’Keeffe & Harry Styles. That’s right, Harry Styles! Anyone French? I want to live in a European city one day and I see myself rocking some ambitious looks when that happens.

What is your favorite fashion in a movie and why?
Tilda Swinton’s character in I am Lovehas the best wardrobe. Early 2000’s in Milan set in a gorgeous Art Nouveau home. Her hair was always in place and she wore bright lipstick, but her character was a mess of a human.