About Horseshoe

Horseshoe Boutique strives to discover the true spirit of femininity in
each woman that passes through the store.

As a young girl, growing up in the concrete meadows of Denver, Jill Andersen played “store” while the other girls played “house.” At age 12, the moment she was old enough to work, Jill got a job so she could buy her beloved designer clothes and accessories. From a very young age, style, fabric and fit mattered.

Decades later, not a lot has changed. While Jill eventually traded the “meadows” of Denver for Seattle’s greener pastures, her boutique named for good luck and inspired by her Wild West roots gives her an opportunity to continue “playing store” and living her dream.

Jill’s ancestors trail-blazed the West and their fearless determination and sense of adventure spurred Horseshoe’s Farmer Americana theme. Vintage windows, wagon wheels, barn doors, pitch- forks and Jill’s very own horseshoe collection, are on display throughout the boutique.

“I’ve always been a city girl,” admits Jill. “I have no life experience on a farm or roughing it, but my soul has definitely been there.”

Our boutique hours are
Monday through Saturday,

11 am – 7 pm Sunday, 11 am – 6 pm
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Call us at (206) 547-9639
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